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Our Solutions

North can offer our range of in-house developed solutions or we can provide proven third-party partner driven technologies as complete turn-key end-to-end solutions.


Intelligent Lighting

Remote monitoring, management and control of street lighting enables valuable data and insights to be captured that lead to benefits and performance improvements, including energy and cost efficiencies, a lower carbon footprint and enhanced public services.

Waste Management

Smart waste management detects fill levels and understands and predicts usage trends, notifying local authorities of collection dates, enabling them to reduce environmental hazards and plan more efficient routes.

Air Quality

Measuring and reporting on temperature, humidity and pressure and primary air pollutants, allows environmental teams to access and collate measurements in real-time more easily and frequently than traditional manual processes.

Social Housing

An Intelligent housing solution aims to reduce maintenance costs of properties by developing sensors to gain real time insights into the health of each property, enabling the Housing Provider’s limited resources to better support tenants and avoid costly refurbishments.


Partner Solutions

North is working with the following IoT specialists who offer a range of solutions compatible with the IoT Scotland network.

M2M Cloud

From connected sensors to the insights that drive business decisions, M2M help deliver complete IoT solutions. From innovative water monitoring solutions that identify hazards and reduce the risk of legionella to building health technology leading to improved working environments and productivity.

Wilderness Sensors

Wilderness Sensors is the new way to get real time sensor data from remote locations. Their flexible outdoor sensor platform supports the use of any type of sensor, e.g., footfall counting, climate monitoring, river level survey, air quality and water quality.

Safe House

Safehouse is a unique digital IoT hub that has two key elements. To monitor and report on the health and wellbeing of individuals enabling them to live independently longer and to articulate the environmental conditions of properties enabling early intervention for maintenance.


Microshare® provides Smart Facilities solutions at scale that bring safety, wellness, cost savings and sustainability to vital assets. Their Sensing-as-a-Service model helped clients get back to business quickly, safely and cost efficiently in 2020, shedding new light on the true performance and utility of their real estate.


Using predictive analytics, Armed technology stratifies sensor-based information from an individual’s home and provides alert prompts to family members, or health and social care practitioners. Data can include PIR movement, temperature, humidity, light noise and door opening / closure.

Lucy Zodion

Lucy Zodion have been developing control solutions for over 60 years.   Their next-generation intelligent street lighting platform and their leading secure, interoperable, and scalable Ki. smart city platform harness the power of IoT to help cities meet their carbon and energy reduction commitments.


Development & Partner Opportunities

North and IoT Scotland are here to support companies developing innovative IoT solutions, from individual developers, and start-ups through to established companies. We are thrilled to support the following companies as they develop the solutions of the future:


Wallscope are working in partnership with IoT Scotland and Eildon Housing Association on a CivTech challenge, where they have developed the ‘Clare’ facilities and care home management platform designed provide a real-time view of resident needs, helping to improve their health, wellbeing and comfort.