Water Monitoring

IoT-based Intelligent water system monitoring helps organisations to maximise water safety by continuously monitoring and measuring water temperatures to identify and reduce the risk of legionella and other bacteria.

Sensors continuously gather data and provide real-time alerts based on defined parameters to detect hazards and reduce dangerous water conditions. 

By calculating risks based on current and historic sensor measurements, organisations can understand and manage risk in real-time, allowing a more proactive approach to water risk management.  



  • Reduced risk by identifying high-risk conditions and alerting operators, enabling them to intervene quickly to reduce any risk of a legionella outbreak and create create safer environments. 
  • Maintain ongoing compliance by regularly monitoring temperatures across water assets to minimise bacterial risk 
  • Increased efficiency as remote monitoring provides results in real-time and enables more precise procedures and more accurate information 
  • Reduces the need for frequent manual visits. As time is saved travelling, less fuel is consumed, resulting in less emissions and lower costs. 
  • Improved accuracy as data is automatically collected by sensors, reducing errors that can occur through manual data entry.

Intelligent Water Monitoring Use Case

An IoT-based Intelligent Water Monitoring solution is helping The Highland Reserve Forces and Cadets Association to safeguard health and wellbeing and eliminate the risk of legionella and other bacteria.