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Improving social housing starts with smart technology

Digital innovation and technology are accelerating at a speed once never imagined. Almost every organisation and sector is now embracing a digital-first future, given the power technology holds to enhance operations and unlock new opportunities. While arguably the pandemic was a catalyst for the fast-forward button to be pushed on… Continued

Smart IoT project to digitally transform towns across Aberdeenshire

Residents and visitors across Aberdeenshire are set to benefit from a new Internet of Things (IoT) project which has the potential to transform the lives of those who live and work in the area. The project will see Aberdeenshire Council trial six smart technologies in partnership with North, as part… Continued

Widespread IoT Coverage Now Available Across Glasgow and Edinburgh

The UK’s most advanced Internet of Things network, IoT Scotland, is now well established in Scotland, with Glasgow and Edinburgh at almost 100% coverage. Coverage of 99.7% has been achieved in Glasgow and 95% in Edinburgh, offering public and private sector organisations across the Central Belt an opportunity to access… Continued