CivTech 5.0 Challenge: Making Homes Safer to Live and Work in

IoT Scotland has partnered with Eildon Housing Association to sponsor a CivTech 5.0 challenge looking for inventive new ways IoT and tech can make homes safer to live and work in.

The Challenge: How can digital and IoT help the management of infection control in caring environments so that they become safer for everyone who lives, works and visits in them?’

Eildon Housing Association is a leading care provider based in the south east of Scotland. Their care settings are residential and community-based, with many of their customers regarded as vulnerable, and who have been at risk and/or shielded during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In addition to Eildon’s existing locations, they are expanding their services into new, purpose-built locations with modern infrastructure and ICT. Across both their existing locations and new builds, they are looking to maximise safety and provide reassurance.

One route Eildon can achieve this is through the IoT Scotland network, which is already installed across their locations. The IoT Scotland network enables data to be collected and analysed in real-time, providing powerful and precise platforms for infection control management, and the potential to deliver transformational improvements.

Infection control is vital to housing associations, as is the prevention of community transmission – and these will not go away once the first wave of Covid-19 subsides. Having greater access to data and analysis capabilities would enhance Eildon’s ability to better use these resources; and work more efficiently with suppliers and other agencies, like the NHS.

Eildon is looking for innovative approaches to ensure that these opportunities are maximised to create safe and secure environments that provide reassurance for customers, family and employees, health and social care professionals, and visiting members of the public.

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