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North named finalist in the AbilityNet Tech4Good Awards 2023

North has been named a finalist in the Sustainability category at the prestigious AbilityNet Tech4Good Awards, recognising our commitment to leveraging digital technology for environmental sustainability. The nomination recognises the Smart Waste Management solution delivered by North for the City of Edinburgh Council as part of their Smart City Operations… Continued

Tech Insight : IoT holds the power to a greener and cleaner future

IoT represents a transformational point in understanding the full potential of a digital-first approach to sustainability. Over the last five years, there has been a significant increase in the number of public and private sector organisations exploring and benefiting from Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. Its capabilities to capture and share… Continued

Tech Insight : The Road Ahead is Brighter Than Ever for IoT

Despite the turbulent economic climate, 2022 has been a year in the making for Internet of Things (IoT). It is continuing to pave the way for ’Smart Places’, helping to create greener, safer and healthier environments across the UK. It is quickly becoming a disruptive market, with 31 out of… Continued

Tech Insight : Improving social housing starts with smart technology

Digital innovation and technology are accelerating at a speed once never imagined. Almost every organisation and sector is now embracing a digital-first future, given the power technology holds to enhance operations and unlock new opportunities. While arguably the pandemic was a catalyst for the fast-forward button to be pushed on… Continued