Highlands and Islands Launch Announced

North is bringing IoT Scotland to the Highlands and Islands. The official launch, scheduled for Thursday 4th April, will take place at the An Lòchran Enterprise and Research Centre. Where North and partners will showcase IoT Scotland and demonstrate how sensor applications can enable organisations to gain new insights and make more informed data-driven decisions.

IoT Scotland will provide a wide area wireless sensor network for applications and services to collect data from devices and send that data without the need for cellular or Wi-Fi, supporting businesses to develop new and innovative applications, changing the way they work.

The £6m IoT Scotland network, which is part funded by the Scottish Government, Scottish Enterprise, Highland and Islands Enterprise (HIE), will enable businesses and public sector organisations to potentially monitor status, efficiency, and productivity of their assets and equipment, scheduling maintenance and improving production.

Book your place to discover how IoT Scotland can enable your organisation to create safer, more productive environments, to drive cost efficiencies, or to explore new business opportunities.