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IoT Scotland is powered by LoRaWAN® technology, in partnership with Kerlink as our vendor of choice

LPWAN Technology

LoRa® Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) is a wireless telecommunication wide area network that allows effective long-range communications at a low bit rate between sensors and application servers, using very little power. The technology is optimised for low power consumption and is designed to support major networks.


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LoRa® technology is globally accepted for low power IoT connectivity and nationwide networks around the world, and benefits from a broad developer community, and readily deployable hardware and end-to-end services.

The technology enables two-way communication and is designed with security at its core. Some alternative technologies require licensed radio spectrum. Working at unlicensed frequencies enables a cost-effective service and quick roll-out.

To protect the security and integrity of IoT Scotland we have adopted robust procedures to monitor and prevent unauthorised access and service misuse.

Features that secure communication between the endpoint and the gateway and onward communication with the network server, include the use of multiple layers of encryption keys for the device, the network and the application, as well as frame counters.

These features are necessary, as communication between the endpoints and gateways occurs over the air where transmissions can be intercepted.  The content of intercepted messages is encrypted and therefore meaningless to anyone who receives them.

The network is set up to ignore and discard messages from devices that are not registered on it and/or have the wrong keys or unexpected frame counter values.

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