Highland Council

Smart IoT Solution bringing a reduced carbon footprint

North is delivering the project across all Highland Council buildings, with the council able to self-install pre-configured IoT sensors to monitor and gather data on building and room usage.

The project uses the IoT Scotland network, along with smart IoT sensors to collect data and gain insights on council buildings including CO2 levels, temperature and humidity, ventilation, electricity consumption and light levels. The data is used by the council within its data analytics platform to reduce costs and carbon emissions, whilst improving the environment for young people, elderly care home residents, members of the local community, and council staff.



  • Improved comfort levels – optimising the CO₂, temperature and humidity within an office has a direct and positive impact on a building’s inhabitants
  • Improved overall building health and condition, as high levels of humidity result in condensation and mould growth generally stems from poor ventilation
  • Greater reliability and optimised maintenance through actionable insights and dashboards
  • Reduced carbon footprint, enabling correct management of air ventilation and the environmental impact
  • Increased control enables operators to respond quickly to specific events, helping create safer environments