Highland Council

Highland Council Introduces Transformational Water Monitoring Technology

The Highland Council is responsible for the largest local government area in the UK. Covering an area larger than Belgium, with a population of over 230,000, the council manages 1100 non domestic properties.

With a vast estate to cover, the Council was looking for innovative ways to drive efficiencies and lower their carbon footprint. Following a competitive tender, Dundee-based IoT Scotland partner M2M Cloud was appointed to roll out their Neptune water-monitoring sensor technology to over one hundred buildings across the Highland Council estate. Using IoT Scotland connectivity, the sensors remotely gather data from the council’s water systems, providing an effective way to monitor and control the risk of legionella and other bacteria.

With many commercial buildings currently unoccupied, the risk of legionella may become higher with stagnant water providing the ideal breeding ground for bacteria to grow.

Highland Council


  • Reduced risk of legionella and other bacteria through real-time identification of high-risk water system conditions
  • Ensures ongoing compliance by perpetually monitoring temperatures across water assets
  • Increased efficiency by reducing regular manual site visits
  • Lowered carbon footprint – as less time is spent travelling fewer carbon emissions are generated
  • Increased control enables operators to respond quickly to specific events, helping create safer environments
  • Real-time updates and notifications allow early resolution of risks and reduced manual inspections