Waste Management


Smart waste management detects fill levels and understands and predicts usage trends, notifying local authorities of collection dates, enabling them to reduce environmental hazards and plan more efficiently.

When embedded with a smart sensor, a waste container ‘becomes smarter’ and can alert city workers when it’s ready to be emptied or trend it’s usage over time. This can slash fuel costs and avoids unnecessary pickups or litter caused by overflowing bins. That may not sound impressive — but the fitting of a simple sensor will increase the performance and efficiency of waste collection, whilst reducing pollution and associated costs.

Councils will be able to better understand what bins are being used the most and schedule pickups at the optimum time to ensure they are not overflowing and causing an eyesore or health hazard to the public.


  • Reduction in collection costs, enabling operational cost savings
  • Reduced bin overflows, allowing collection operatives insight into each bins fill level
  • Increased insights into bin usage enabling local authorities to make more informed decisions on bin locations